Steven Neal

Aloha Members, Family and we were honored to participate in Steven Neals Memorial Service. It was a moving and emotional experience for all of us. Steven was an American "hero" whose "way of life" was serving and protecting others. Military service during the Vietnam War, Chief Park Ranger for the City of Long Beach and a Captain with the Sheriffs Reserve. Loving husband and father of three wonderful sons who themselves are now police officers. The attributes and accolades were so evident today when Steven's colleagues spoke so highly of him, but what the Father said during the eulogy was even more profound ..."Steven was God's shepherd, he lived life as we all should, his "goodwill" and "friendship" is what we should all strive for...his way of life we should all emulate." Father summed it up.....Steven was just a beautiful man who did God's work as a rule vice the exception, no better person can you be! So it is with sadness that he has passed, but his legacy and spirit will continue to "ride" with us whenever "kickstands go up." His love of life and of people will forever be a part of the Chapter's "goodwill" in all our future endeavors. Most importantly, even though Steven is now in God's arms, we will all have his spirit in the form of another "Guardian Angel" to watch over and protect us during our daily pursuits. We are all so lucky, so fortunate and so blessed to have known this "gentle giant" Steven Neal. To Cathy....we love you and the writings I dedicate to you, your family and Wayne and Debbi. God Bless and watch over you always.
                                Semper Fi Steven     Monsoon

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