Steven Neal

Aloha Members, Family and Friends.....the Riverside National Cemetery is a setting of rolling hills, beautiful trees and cool running streams with a majestic fountain welcoming all. Steven's parents are buried there and as well as many of his 'Brothers." It is a final resting place that is earned through service to one's Country...and Steven served proudly. We will forever remember this "warrior" and friend and we thank God for allowing us the precious time that we spent with him. We are all the better for knowing this unselfish patriot and his sense of duty and responsibility and his good nature and humor will be sorely missed. But his spirit will be with us daily and especially when we perform our "goodwill" in the community. Steven will be riding next to Wayne on "Run for the Wall" 2006 and we will be riding on their six........God Bless Cathy, their son's and family....God Bless all who participated and all those who sent their love, prayers and condolences....and God Bless Steven's America.....that he served and loved so much.
                                                Semper Fi     Monsoon

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