The California Zephyr is the only State Council newspaper of Vietnam Veterans of America to receive the prestigious Shelby Strothers Memorial award two times in a row.

The Zephyr started out as a two sheet newsletter in the late 1980's and evolved into a full tabloid edition consisting of 36 pages. Its founding editor is Jim Doyle. It received the Shelby Strothers Memorial Award in 1992 and 1994 under editor Glenn Rogers' leadership. Much of the credit for the Zephyr becoming what it is, and receiving the awards, was to the cooperation and team spirit of the Zephyr Staff.

Glenn Rogers originally took the Zephyr into an electronic edition with the Summer 1995 issue and gave birth to its World Wide Web presence. Tom Hohmann took over for Glenn in 1996 and continues today for the web content, and now as the Zephyr Editor.

Today we sing a swansong: The last print edition of The California Zephyr, Spring Edition 2020, arrived in mailboxes in April. Beginning with the Summer Zephyr issue it will be available online only due to budget cuts. We believe it’s been without question the one of the best veterans service organization newsletters in print. And after 30+ years, we’ll sure miss producing it for you.

(The online edition will continue to be published and posted at

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The article/photo submission deadline dates arre two weeks after the CSC meeting date. The next Zephyr deadline is May 15!

Zephyr issues are available online in PDF format from the main menu at the left under "Zephyr Issues."

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