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There have recently been 6 special elections to fill vacancies in the Legislature caused by legislators running for other offices. The California Chamber of Commerce puts out a pictorial roster of California's Constitutional Officers and State Legislators. We have attached the latest roster for your use.

To see if your legislator has changed or to find out who your legislator is, you must first find your 9 digit zip code:!input.action

Then, input that 9 digit zip code into the space indicated on the following web site and it will tell you who your local legislators are:

Pete Conaty and Associates Governmental Relations
1107 9th Street, Suite 530
Sacramento, CA 95814
o- (916) 492-0550
f- (916) 492-8957

Below are all the legislators for California. There is a link at the bottom to download a PDF of them.



Download PDF - Click Here


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