California State Council Committee Chairs

USPS Mail can be sent to the chairs of the committees at:
Vietnam Veterans of America, Inc.
California State Council
P. O. Box 4277
Riverside, CA 92514-4277

Updated: Sunday, November 4, 2018

Membership Jerry Orlemann
Public Affairs
Ponce Gonzales
Government Affairs Dean Gotham    
Resolutions Alan Cook

Constitution Mike Kennedy
Finance Bill Hodges
Women Veterans Kate O'Hare Palmer Women Vet Conference Report  
POW/MIA Bob Chaney POW/MIA Committee Report

POW/MIA Motion Out of Committee-8/14/14

Agent Orange Ken Holybee AO Committee Report  
Zephyr Tom Hohmann Spring 2018 Zephyr  
Veterans Benefits John Weaver Veteran Benefit Presentation  
PTSD Doug Mitten PTSD Links Page  
Veterans Incarcerated John Mendiola CSC Committee Report
Meeting Planner Dick Southern
AVVA Elayne Mackey  

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