Chapter 785 - Wounded Marine Luncheon

Aloha Members, Family and's "Wounded Marine Banquet," hosted by the 1st Marine Division Association and Chapter 785, Vietnam Veterans of America, Orange County, sponsored by the American Heroes Foundation, Ramada Express Hotel and Casino and the Boeing Corporation, was a total and awesome success! Great meals from the "Flying Bridge Restaurant," even greater camaraderie and fellowship with all who attended..........super fellowship! We had Veterans from Guadalcanal and Iwo Jima, Korea and Vietnam, Afghanistan and Iraq, all breaking bread together.......This will be one of only many times where we will come together and follow our credo, "Never again will one Veterans Organization abandon another............." It was a great time interacting with the "Old Breed" and the "New Breed." We can be very proud of these young men and women who have gone into harms way and sacrificed so much protecting the freedoms of those that they fought for and of course us and our safety at home..........We salute you and have such a tremendous respect and love for each of you a Semper Fi and "Welcome Home!"      

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