Chapter 785 - Westminster Memorial

today Chapter 785 participated in the 1st Annual Dedication of the Vietnam War Memorial in Westminster.  It was a grand event with the Master of Ceremonies, Chapter Director LtCol Craig Mandervile, Hero of An Loc, introducing another Chapter Director, Justice Eileen Moore as the keynote speaker. She once again, gave a moving tribute to American and Vietnamese Forces during the war. Monsoon had the honor of laying the war wreath with LtCol Truang, a Vietnamese ARVN. It was a very moving event bringing together Vietnamese Allies with their American counterparts and the Community.  Chapter Member Ted Encinas and his Special Forces Color Guard was in step and lent discipline and pomp to the ceremony. The flags of all branches of the Armed Forces, Vietnamese and American, were carried by a respective members of each branch of service. It was a beautiful ceremony with old friends and allies breaking bread together in a camaraderie of fellowship that is truly representative of a "Band of Brothers and Sisters."  It was an honor to participate with fellow Chapter Members Directors Pete Sandro, Craig Mandervile, Greg Young, Eileen Moore and Maria Solis and her husband.  Meeting with old friends and allies, meeting new ones and talking story made for a wonderful afternoon. I personally thank the City of Westminster, the Mayor and City Council, for recognizing both Vietnamese and American veterans, their service and sacrifice, and the tremendous contribution that we are all making to strengthen the community and Orange County in a positive and productive way. I salute all my Vietnamese friends and allies, I thank you for your service and tremendous sacrifice and "I welcome you to your new home"..........Chapter 785 sends

The great pictures were taken and provided by Director Greg Young who represented "Rolling Thunder" in splendid fashion.................G-Photos

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