Chapter 785 - Gold Star Moms

Members of Chapter 785 joined members of "Run for the Wall" (RFTW) and enjoyed a luncheon with the "Gold Star Mothers" of Long Beach. Their residence, the "Gold Star Manor" sits off Santa Fe Ave. in Long Beach. Danny and "Fingers" and his beautiful bride Lisa, hosted a luncheon for these wonderful "Moms" who lost their sons during the Vietnam War. It was a moving and emotional afternoon as we listened to these wonderful ladies tell us all of their loss and how "we" remind them of their sons and what they might have turned out to be.....what a humbling experience. It was a great afternoon sharing "fellowship" and "talking story" with so many of our "Mom's." One mother spoke of being placed in a Nursing Home and how terrible it was, the atmosphere, the terrible watered down food, the loneliness... and how happy she was now to be back at the "Gold Star Manor" with her friends who love and care for her.....we all imagined how if her son had not been killed in the 'Nam, how he might have taken care of his mom.....only if?
A Mahalo to "Fingers" and Wayne for the invite.......and to all who served and sacrificed!  Semper Fi    Monsoon

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