Chapter 785 Sock Hop

Aloha Members, Friends and Family...........Chapter 785's General Meeting was held tonight with a new twist, a potluck! Much to cold for the BBQ to be fired up, it was decided to have a potluck and there was plenty of food to go around and then some. The camaraderie and fellowship that we share was there with the return of some old hands, Greg Esslair and John Drumbowski and Big Bob......Colonel Mandervile arrived to bring us good news with a donation from Boeing that will help us to continue to assist the Veteran Community with goods and services. A special guest, the Reverend Daniel Leatherman, a Chaplain at St. Mary and All Angels School, presented us with his outstanding program, a Veterans outreach, where his students interact in a close and personal way with Vietnam Veterans before they visit "the Wall" in Washington. Director Bruce Pilch suggested that we meet again with his students when they was a great evening where our trip to Laughlin for Veterans Day was discussed, as well as our "sock hop" with Officer Gloria Perez in December and our Christmas BBQ at the VA in are some highlights in pictures. Semper Fi Monsoon

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