Chapter 441 Activities

Chapter 441 has collected between 3 and 4 thousand new Christmas Cards to send to our Troops on Iraq. We shipped out four (4) large cases on Thurs. November 18, 2004 to a Major from HHC Engineer Brigade, 1st Cav. D/Division in Baghdad, Iraq. We are currently still collecting more cards as they come in. It is very important to support our troops overseas.

December 06, 2004 we shipped the 5th and final case of new Christmas cards which had 1360 more cards in it. It was 43lbs. 12oz. for the troops in Baghdad, Iraq.

Chapter 441 Activities - March 2005: We are trying to update and correct the Veterans Names on the Wall at Tulare County Mooney Grove Park. It looked real good several years ago. However, we are trying to bring it back up to date and with some new material.

We also have a new chapter tee-shirt with a pocket on it which is going real fast. Over half of the order is gone already. So let us know if your interested. Give us a call...

John R. Chapter 441 Chapter Treasurer Tulare County

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